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Mar 9 - Positioning Your Project For Success: The Path From Idea to Successful Grant Funding This workshop is focused on project development and the pursuit of funding for community development projects. Community development projects can be complicated, and we want to help those in the developing stages make progress towards determining if a project is viable and how to pursue funding, particularly with the potential availability of some COVID-related funding. A panel of presenters will provide advice on what makes a good fundable project, and how to take some of the initial steps towards success.

Mar 23 - Answering the Challenge of Democracy: Building Unity, Connection, and Engagement for a Stronger Future

Democratic governance is only as strong as the public participation it is built upon. As Vermont moves forward through today's challenges toward a vibrant future, fostering trust, connection, and civic dialogue is as critical as ever. Each of us has a role to play to ensure that democracy in Vermont functions well and serves the needs of all Vermonters.

Join the Vermont Council on Rural Development for a panel presentation and facilitated discussion on the future of our democracy.

How do our differences impact civic engagement and governance?

How do Vermonters come together to listen, learn, and collaborate for a better future?

How do we communicate across our differences and build unity to move forward together?

Apr 13 - Healthy Communities: Local Approaches to Promote Mental Health and Tackle Substance Misuse

Apr 27 - Framing a Process for Public Engagement: Strengthening Our Work By Broadening The Conversation

May 11 - Healthy Communities: Local Recreation Programs, Trails, and Facilities to Get Us Active and Outdoors